The invasive Russian Olive

Team: 97


Area of Science: Environmental

Abstract: This project's problem is that Russian Olives or Elaeagnus Angustifolia
are invading native plant species in the four corners area of NM and using
up their resources.

We would like to create a program with starlogo to show patches of Russian
Olives and native plants while using varied methods to reduce the numbers of
this invasive species.
We would then use our results to inform people of the problem and work to
put a plan into action.

We plan to research Russian Olives and speak to botanists and local
experts for more information. We will be able to go out and observe the
invasive and native species to see their condition.

This project is important to reverse the invasion of Russian Olives and
undo the harm it has done to the native species and environment.

Team Members:

  Andrew Yazzie
  Martha Hughes
  Polito Walters
  Bernadette Thomas
  Jamie Pioche

Sponsoring Teacher: Vernetta Noble