Very scary stuff

Team: 100


Area of Science: Environmental Sciences

Abstract: Team Members:
Rumeel Jim
Kody Dayish


area of science: Pollution

the abstract: Very scary stuff
The problem that we are dealing with is pollutants that can be very harmful to the atmosphere. There are many pollutants. Such as vehicle exhaust, smoking, and power plants. But we chose power plants because they cause most of it. And we also chose this topic because we live close to a couple of power plants that are one of the main reasons why the atmosphere is damaged.
Our master plan in this project is to first find out what these dangerous chemicals are called. Secondly, we will research on what is the cause of the chemicals being released into the blue skies. And last, we will try to find out what they could do to lessen the amount of these pollutants being let out into the air.

Team Members:

  Michael Benally
  Andrew Shepard

Sponsoring Teacher: Vernetta Noble