"Project Shoyaaaaa!"

Team: 102


Area of Science: Graphic Art

Abstract: Better understanding of Japanese culture through Anime!


We are trying to figure out what anime can do to teach other people about the Japanese culture. We also want to know what can be taught by watching anime. Our hypothesis is concluded by the statement "That the people will learn more about the Japanese culture through Anime."

What is Anime?

It is a Japanese animation, which consists of pop cultural icons, political problems, and problems teenagers face today. This style of animation is widely used throughout the country of Japan. It has many influences from the Japanese culture/society.

How will it help?

Anime can help other cultures learn more about Japan by viewing or reading this particular animation. A few examples that the animation should help us understand, include how the laws are viewed, their lifestyle, and a different perspective on their religion.
We want to show this by using one of the programs, probably Star Logo. Gathering information and plugging in the statistics will make this program more understandable. This is a plan still yet under construction.

Team Members:

  Brandon Luna
  Michael Benallie
  Kyle Simms

Sponsoring Teacher: Vernetta Noble