Red Tide

Team: 105


Area of Science: Environmental


What is the problem?
Red tide is a breakout of microorganism in the water. Red tide releases harmful toxins causing many deaths in marines mammals. These harmful algae blooms are responsible for many deaths of at least three endangered marine mammals.
It affects almost every coastal state in the United States and shorelines throughout the world. Red tide affects humans, wildlife, fish resources and our economy. Thousands of

Why is it important and the purpose of the project or what results you hope to get.
We hope to help people in finding what the cause or effects of the red tide.
In doing so, we are finding out important facts about the red tide to inform other people about it. We will use the Star logo program as guide to show people how red tide spreads.

Lache Yazzie
Dakota Dee
Jeralea Hilgartner

Team Members:

  Carlton Morgan
  Meliss Johnson
  Lache Yazzie
  Dakota Dee
  Jeralea Hillgartner

Sponsoring Teacher: Vernetta Noble