Stock Market Agent

Team: 122


Area of Science: Probability

Abstract: We will use starlogo and/or Java to simulate the probability of different stocks making and/or losing money, ergo, based on the simulation, we will be informed of where the most beneficial stocks to invest in will be.

To accomplish this we will input different past statistics and growth potential into a probablity simulator that we will specially design for this project, in hopes to predict which stocks will make the most money.

Using starlogo, we will simulate and map out the progress and high return areas and use the "turtle" to move towards the spots of high return. To accomplish this, we will use a simple function to move the turtle across different vectors based on the criteria and statistics that were previously input.

Team Members:

  Dylan Richardson
  Fred Frazier
  Rodney Chavez

Sponsoring Teacher: Hanh Nguyen