Tech is on fire

Team: 123


Area of Science: Environmental

Fires have always been a threat to our family's rooted way of life. If a house burns, or even just a car lives can be set back unimaginably. If a school were to burn down, the town it belonged to would be lost.

As such, we intend to use modeling to accurately predict the effect of any part of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology catching seriously on fire. In order to do this we intend to map the campus, taking into consideration the different type of combustable materials and the amount of energy they could provide. Trees will obviously burn better than rocks. We would then simulate the area and create fires in various areas and degrees.

Applications include a better understand of the science of fire, prediction of devastating outbreaks, and prevention of major damage to the New Mexico Tech campus.

Team Members:

  Rudi Salazar
  Sam Winn

Sponsoring Teacher: Hanh Nguyen