Dynamic Software Evolution

Team: 126

School: ST PIUS X HS

Area of Science: Artificial Intelligence

Abstract: The purpose of this project will be to create a software application that has the ability to rewrite and copy itself. Through simulating natural selection only the best programs will sustain themselves and multiply. Our goal will be to evolve a program that has the intelligence to adapt to any situation that is given to it. We will create a program that constantly copies itself (not perfectly). Another program will be created that will constantly challenge the first program to adapt to its environment. Failure of the first program to adapt to the environment will result in destruction and ultimately, its failure to pass-on its code (genes) to its "offspring". By constantly making the simulated environment more difficult to live in, as the program progresses, a program that possesses a unique level of intelligence can be created.

Team Members:

  Ryan Loyd
  Matthew Paiz
  Mark Wunsch

Sponsoring Teacher: Kerrie Sena