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    Team Number: 17

    School Name: Clovis High School

    Area of Science: Mathematics and Binary Translation

    Project Title: Arachnafinder

Final Report

Our project revolves around utilizing the registry which guides windows common operations to a more efficient form. In essence, we are creating a 'spider', or search utility, for the Windows registry. Windows's registry is written in binary, the basic computer language. Our project will, in appearance, take a search entry, and search in a hierarchial style through the registry's binary, starting from the 'hives', or central focal points for various sections of the registry, and climbing down the web, much akin to the project's namesake, to classes, individual subsections, and ending up finding the corresponding tag/key to your search string entry.

The program begins by reading through the raw registry code and organizing it into structures, which we can then search through by structure, finding all instances and granting instant access to the tags and keys, the very heart of the registry. Keys and tags represent variables stored and utilized by the system to guide it into the correct operating parameters. The currently accepted registry viewer/editor does this in a cumbersome way, often listing the tag being searched for along with the list it is stored in, oftentimes making for a very confusing, non-user friendly search tool.

Our methods regarding this may seem simple on the surface, but in all actuality will turn out to be a very complex process. In simple terms, we take the registry's base format, read the binary into a myriad of variables corresponding with a user-comprehendible interface, and search through the resultant records. The difficulties in this project lie within the deciphering of the registry's format and the creation of the search structure. To decipher the format, our group plans to harness the resources of the internet to aid us in our project, and then, once we have read the registry, assign the variables basic placements in a hierarchial structure, and then perform the easy part, creating the actual search utility.

The practicality of this project will benefit sysadmins, who will have instantaneous access to various tags in the registry without the hassle of regedit.

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