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    Team Number: 043

    School Name: Alamogordo High School

    Area of Science: Computational Science

    Project Title: Computer Literacy

Final Report

I wish to create a program that analyzes English sentences in an attempt to learn from them and be able to answer questions about them later. The program will build a database of facts it learns so that it will be able to use them later. If successful, this program would allow computers to devise their own expert systems by reading texts written by experts in a particular field. The program would then be able to answer questions from what it has learned or output information on a particular topic. For this, the sentence will first be broken down into its parts and the overall sentence patterns detected. Also, the overall flow of logic will be analyzed. Then, when a question is asked of it, it will break down the sentence, seek information related to the question asked, and then build sentences from the stored facts. In this way, the computer will appear to understand what it has read as well as the questions it is asked.

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