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2001 Challenge Awards Day Announcement

All teams that have submitted a written final report are invited to attend Awards Day on Wednesday, April 25th at Los Alamos National Laboratory. A schedule and a checklist to help you prepare for the day are below.

Awards Day Activities Include:

  • Tours of supercomputer center--see the computers you have worked on
  • Demonstrations of the latest in hardware and software technology
  • Demonstrations of scientific computing projects--simulations and graphics
  • Talking with scientists
  • Meeting other students and teachers
  • Poster displays of Challenge projects
  • Awards Ceremony

Registration Procedures

The deadline for registering is April 4th.

Late registration will be considered. Please e-mail consult with your request to come to Awards Day if you missed the registration deadline.

Each person who attends Awards Day activities must be pre-registered so paperwork required by the Department of Energy can be completed. We also need an accurate count of those attending so that we can organize the program and order the food.

Teachers are responsible for supervision of the students.

Registration will take place upstairs in the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory's TA-3 site (see the detailed map). You must arrive by 1:00pm to go on the Tuesday tours. The Awards Ceremony is from 10:00 to noon in the Study Center (see the detailed map). Tours will be repeated on Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 to 4:30pm. Registration will open at the Study Center at 12:30pm on Tuesday and 8:45am Wednesday morning.

Tour Information

Everyone must bring a picture ID because you will have to present it to take the tours. A driver's license is adequate. If you do not have a driver's license, you can have a picture ID made at the Department of Motor Vehicles. If we have your picture from Glorieta, that will do, but bring a picture ID just in case.

There can be NO last-minute substitutions; only those students and teachers whose names have been sent in may attend the Laboratory tours that go inside the security area.

Only US citizens will be allowed on the tours inside the security area, but foreign nationals may participate in the parts of the tours that are outside of the security area.

Teams wanting to go on the tours together MUST go through the registration line together. Tours will take place from 1:00 to 5:00 on both Tuesday and Wednesday (select just one day) and from 8:00 to 9:30 on Wednesday.

The following articles are PROHIBITED inside the security area:

  • Firearms, other dangerous or deadly weapons, explosives, incendiary & explosive devices. (This include pocket knives with blades longer that 2.5 inches.) So leave your big knives, leather-mans, and such at home or in the car/bus.
  • Privately owned recording equipment (audio, video, optical, or data). So leave your cameras in the car/bus.
  • Privately owned electronic equipment with a data exchange part capable of being connected to automated information systems equipment.
  • Privately owned cellular telephones.
  • Privately owned radio frequency transmitting equipment.
  • Privately owned computers and associated media.
  • Controlled substances including illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia (less prescription medicine).
  • Other items prohibited by law.

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will be held 10:00 - noon on April 25 at the Study Center.

In addition to the winning team and individual scholarship awards, all teams who submit a team project report in Category A or Category B will receive a certificate and a memento of the 11th Annual Supercomputing Challenge.

Finalists will receive special certificates and awards. Other awards will be given, including prizes and special recognition for winners in the Poster Competitions as well as door prizes for students and teachers.

Projects Due Remember! Noon on April 4 is the deadline for submitting both the final team project reports and the individual leadership applications! Please send a printed copy (not faxed) to:

New Mexico Technet
5921 Jefferson, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Attn: Supercomputing Challenge (Final Report)
Attn: Supercomputing Challenge (Scholarship)

NOTE: By submitting a written final report, the team is automatically invited to Awards Day.

Project Advisor

Please invite your Project Advisor to attend Awards Day with your team. If your Project Advisor plans to attend, please be sure to let us know by including his/her name on the registration form. Also, be sure to tell your Project Advisor that a photo ID is required for the tours.

Remember Your Poster

Bring a technical poster display of your team project and a graphical poster with slogan (celebrating the Challenge program) to Awards Day and turn them in at registration. Specifications for this years poster include a restriction to original artwork and text.

Posters will be displayed, and students and teachers will get to vote on the best graphical display and the best technical display. Please limit your displays to a single sheet of poster board (no larger than 22 x 30 inches). Your team number must be clearly displayed.

What to Wear

You will be doing a lot of walking during the orientation, so wear comfortable shoes. Bring a jacket or sweater because Los Alamos weather can unexpectedly turn cold and rainy or snowy. Please dress nicely.


Lodging will be available in Los Alamos Tuesday night for those teams who have registered and are coming from more than 150 miles away.

The Challenge will pay for room (one night at hotel and breakfast included); any other lodging charges will be your responsibility. Note that you will possibly share a room with people from other teams (students will be placed four to a room and teachers two to a room). Students and teachers will be housed at the Hilltop House/Best Western Hotel, 662-2441. Finalists may be invited to stay Monday evening at the Hilltop House Hotel as well if they will be traveling a great distance to Los Alamos.

For questions about the Supercomputing Challenge, a 501(c)3 organization, contact us at: consult1516 @ supercomputingchallenge.org

New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge, Inc.
80 Cascabel Street
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
(505) 667-2864

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