Computer Literacy -- Final Report

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

What's it all about?


What's the point?

Project Description

What does it do and how does it do it?


Did it do it? What did it do?


What does it mean


What still needs to be done?

Reference List

Whose work do I use or refer to?

Appendix A: Part of Speech and Sentence Position Descriptions, plus Other Defined Constants and Structures

Unnecessary to understand the code, but impossible to compile without...

Appendix B: Grammar Functions (Reformatted For Layout)

Really, how can a computer understand English grammar?

Appendix C: Database Functions

Uninteresting, but needed to compile and implements searching of the database

Appendix D: main() Function

How does this all tie together?

Appendix E: Sample Dictionary

What parts of speech may "alternative" take in a sentence?