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    Team Number: 020

    School Name: Bloomfield High School

    Area of Science: Computer Science

    Project Title: Manipulating Artificial Intelligence Programming in Video Games

Final Report

This year, our team chose a project dealing with the artificial intelligence programming utilized in video games. We had chose to work with the Quake 2 code, for we were well versed with the Quake environment. Since the start of our project, we have changed platforms multiple times, and have now decided on Visual C++ and variants. Instead of using programs already designed, we shall design our own video game utilizing artificial intelligence programming not yet seen. At this time, we have done quite a bit working towards our goal of designing our own Artificial Intelligence programming. So far we have designed a character to start off with, an arena, and are in the development stages of the Artificial Intelligence programming.

Tyler Burgett has designed some characters and an arena to work with. At this stage, he is currently utilizing Merlin 3D and various other rendering programs to develop wireframe models of the characters from which we can design an actual model. Craig Stahle is currently cramming as much C++ and game programming information into his head as he possibly can. Zack Wooten is working on 'order charts' for the programming and also working with and utilizing multiple AI programs, as to find a suitable...format for the programming. Jacob Justice is doing research on different types of AI and how to use them.

We believe we're on the right track this time. At our current rate of progress, we should have a bare bones working demo of the game by Februrary, and ideally we shall have a full-scale working game by late March, early April. We currently have no mentor, but we are trying to get in touch with a lady that developed the acclaimed "Rambot" for Quake II, an AI program that has most of the attributes we're looking for. We will glady and thankfully accept any help or ideas you can give.

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