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    Team Number: 028

    School Name: Magdalena High School

    Area of Science: Mechanical Engineering

    Project Title: Compression Springs

Final Report

Problem Definition: Compression springs have many uses. Each use requires different specifications in areas such as length, diameter, number of active coils, strength, load capacity, etc. We were interested in how the varying of such specifications as length and diameter affect the load capacity. We will be given certain specifications from the user on which to base our spring design. We wanted to design the optimal spring for the indicated stipulations.

Problem Solution: To solve this problem, we must model the spring and its stress factors. To do this, we must utilize several mathematical equations in a system to calculate all the possible dimensions and requirements. These equations will provide us with the mathematical model needed for designing our personalized spring. During the program, we will receive any requirements necessary to the designing of the spring from the user. These provisions will be put into our program and we will determine the resulting maximum strength and the obligatory value of the other variables to attain this maximum strength. We will need to find values to test our program to validate that it is accurate.

Progress To Date: We have been studying compression springs and the related essentials. We have done extensive research on the mechanics and physics involved in this project. We have found and become familiar with several equations imperative to the calculation requirements of our program. We have contacted mechanical engineers who have given us equations, literary recommendations and other helpful information. We have been communicating with these engineers through email, and will continue to do so throughout the project. Also, we have completed our algorithm. We are beginning to write the code for our program and have started our html code.

Expected Results: When fully completed, our program will allow us to formulate an optimal spring. We will have included many variables and their benefits and restrictions. We will create an export file for the data that will display it tabular as well as graphically.

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  • Dean Alberson
  • Phillip Czebatul
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