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    Team Number: 051

    School Name: Picacho Middle School

    Area of Science: Engineering

    Project Title: Diffusion/Effusion

Final Report

Problem Definition:

Our team has decided that we will do a gas diffusion/effusion project that would test how long it would take a gas (Natural Gas) to completely fill our technology room and how long we would have to escape. The gas would originate from a high pressure gas line with a renewable source. We will involve the size of our classroom with the initial program and if we can will change the code to accept the user input area of any rectangular room.

Problem solution:

The program will calculate the approximate direction of the gas involving air conditioner P.S.I. We have found many Gas diffusion /effusion equations that we hope our program will solve.

Progress to Date:

Thus far we have found many Algebraic models on gas Diffusion that have proved some what helpful. We also have been using a program called Scientific Work Place, which has helped with the incredibly tough algebraic problems. Scientific work place can calculate and display immense problems rather quickly and with a simple user interface that is easy to learn and work with. It can also display two dimensional and three dimensional graphs.

We currently have been working on learning Java/C++ programming and are still working on research of the problem. We have been in touch with our cities hazardous materials unit, the Las Cruces School District, and the Las Cruces Fire Dept. They have been a little help but they have sent us from place to place.

Our team is also working on getting a mentor but we have met Shaun Cooper but we have not yet met with him personally. Shaun Cooper is a student at New Mexico State University and has planned to meet with us after Christmas break in January. With him we will still need a mentor to help us type and review our source code and fix it in the likely event of an error. Even though our knowledge of JavaScript is increasing by the day it is still to weak to get into intense math and calculus.

Expected Results:

With our program we hope to see a result in an amount of time that will display how much time a person would gave to get out of range and be able to seek shelter and safety.

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  • Shaun Cooper
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