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    Team Number: 070

    School Name: Cuba High

    Area of Science: Statistics

    Project Title: Finding Powerball Probability

Final Report

This project involves basically writing a program to find probability. The project involves the use of the chance of winning the Powerball jackpot, and the lower prizes of Powerball (matching 7 numbers, 6 numbers, etc.). This program will be in the form of a C++ model and will be made using a random number generator. The generator will randomly choose numbers, and data will show the probability of picking a particular set of numbers, and will generate the numbers for the Powerball model. The results will be very essential to consumers, so they don't lose money and Powerball needs the results so that they don't lose money.

Powerball is a national lottery that many states participate in. It is most famous for its very large jackpots and very low odds of winning. There are 8 numbers chosen, 7, 2 digit numbers and 1, 3 digit number, which is the "Powerball" number. To win the jackpot a person must have all 7 numbers and the Powerball matching. This makes the odds of winning almost astronomical.

The numbers used in the lottery are chosen randomly by a computer. The numbers are drawn once a week, and if the jackpot is not won, the money rolls over to the next drawing. This is why the jackpots are frequently very large.

The purpose of our project is to model the Powerball lottery using C++ programming. We plan to use a random number generator to pick the numbers representing the lottery numbers. We then plan to write a program that will find the probability of winning the jackpot, as well as the lesser prizes (i.e. 7 numbers matching, 6 numbers, etc.).

As of yet we have not begun any programming, we are still in the research phase of the project and are trying to learn C++ programming. This project was chosen because of its simplicity. Our group has very little programming experience, making this project ideal for as a way for us to build on our programming skills without the pressure of competition.

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