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    Team Number: 073

    School Name: Newcomb High School

    Area of Science: Space Science & Astromny

    Project Title: Are We Alone in the Universe?

Final Report

Problem Definition:
The mysteries of the night sky have fascinated scientists, writers, artists, and many other people throughout history. Even civilization has tried to understand our universe, but although many great discoveries have been made enormous breakthroughs in the exploration of space, and new, more complex technology is constantly being created to help us fulfil our quest for knowledge. Our universe is teeming with satellites, probes, and telescopes, all with one purpose- to unravel the tangled secrets of space. Will we ever find life in other galaxies ? Perhaps one day we will know the answer to all these questions, and to the thousand more that have perplexed people for hundreds of years. For the moment, we can only try to reach deeper and deeper into the mysteries of our universe.

Problem Solution:
To do this, we had to find information on different planets. We had to find out certain details. We had to find out about the atmosphere surrounding, water, and the number of stars that surround the planets. To find out we use an Equation that possibly will try to help us. As we find encounter other life far from earth, we should try as hard as we can to find the secret in the universe.

Progress to Date:
We still gather information on the planets, but for our C++ program we use the star surrounding the planet. To calculate the number of communication civilization in the galaxy. By the calculation we used the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy, fraction of stars that have planets around them, the number of planets per star that are capable of sustaining life, the fraction of planets in where life evolves, where intelligent life evolves. The fraction of that communicate, and the planets life during which the communication civilizations live.

Expected Result:
As we gather the result of the program that we created. We determine to know the number of communicating civilizations in the galaxy. And find all the secret of the universe. We shall try to unraveling the mystery that many people ask: " Is there life out there ?". We should find the answer as we do more research and create the program.

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