AiS Challenge Team Abstract

2001-2001 Challenge Logo Team Number: 001

School Name: Alamogordo High School

Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Project Title: Heuristic Encoding Algorithm for Effective Audio Resynthesis



I wish to create an audio compression system based on an evolving auditory perception model, a model describing how our perception of sounds is affected by various factors, such as the ear and sound processing within the brain. This allows unimportant data to be omitted from the output, meaning that more important data can be stored in a given space. This is useful when streaming media over slower connections or when storing audio on a portable device, where file size is an important factor but high quality is still desired. The goal is to create a program that will achieve a sound quality equal to that of current MP3 encoders with a lesser bitrate. To do this, the program will read PCM data, analyze it with an FFT, DCT, or other algorithm, and then determine which data from the resulting output would be more important to a human listener. The decoder will simply re-synthesize the waveforms from the data in the compressed file. Effectiveness will be measured by having listeners test the output against that of LAME and/or BladeEnc and comparing it with the output of my program without knowing which format is which. User feedback will also be used by the program to improve the algorithm by adjusting its idea of what the human listener will consider important.

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