AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 005

School Name: Alamogordo High School

Area of Science: Theoretical Astrophysics

Project Title: S.U.N.



This project endeavors to provide explanation into the intuitively incorrect chaotic processes within the sun's photosphere. Semiempirical and theoretical models from previous studies are consulted in an attempt to elucidate the various discrepancies which have arisen as a result of different methods in research. Explanation of the lower temperature of the photosphere in relation to the chromosphere provides reason for the numerous anomalies within the photosphere to occur. By using already existing mathematical models, this project incorporates a number of past studies and derives explanation from crucial data concerning the effects on the properties of the photosphere as a result of multiple variables: chemical composition of the photosphere, convective and radiant heat transfer, and the interaction of the photosphere with the chromosphere and other atmospheric regions of the sun.

We are authoring a computer program which utilizes a mathematical model composed of every possible variable concerning the modeling of the sun, including convective motion, chemical composition, etc., in 3-Dimentional space. One of our mentors, Hans Uitenbroek, has attempted a similar program in one dimension. We wish to expand on his work and create a program that will model the atmosphere of the sun in three dimensions.

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