AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: Team 008

School Name: Albuquerque Academy

Area of Science: Computer Science:A.I.

Project Title: Artificial Intelligence and Computational Learning



The goal of our project is to write a computer program that is initially incapable to perform a certain task. The program will then use artificial intelligence to learn how to perform the task by analyzing its own behavior, human behavior and another program's behavior. We will also explore our program's ability to learn through another program we will call a mentor program. This program will have the ability to analyze our programs "decisions" and tell it whether its decisions are correct or incorrect.

To accomplish this we will create a situation that requires intelligent decision-making to accomplish a set goal. A perfect situation that requires this kind of intelligence and knowledge is the game of chess. Chess will be our model of a complex problem with which we will analyze our "teaching" techniques. To accomplish our goal we will use several programming techniques, such as genetic algorithms, generational programming, and neural networks, to determine what methods produce the best results. This will help us determine how a computer learns best, which will help programmers with even larger problems to efficiently solve them.

Our project is not designed for us to learn more about chess, instead it is meant to learn more abut the learning process itself, and how computers can model this process. If our program is successful it will learn how to play chess and perhaps even how to play chess better. With artificial intelligence it is difficult to predict results because of the complexity of the problem, but the more unexpected results we get, the more we can learn about how computers "think".

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