AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 013

School Name: Bernallilo High School

Area of Science: Chemistry

Project Title: What is a safer way of dectecting harmful gases?



Our project is trying to build a detector that will take air samples from a building that has been suspected of harmful substances in the air without having to send a person inside.It will be remote controlled and have a little radar ,so people will be able to know in what part of the building it is.

We think our project will affect a lot of people especially now,because of the threat of bio-terrorism, when people think there is to much of something harmful in the air instead of putting the bunny suit on,they can send in the little detector and not worry about breathing it in.

The part where the computional science comes in is when we find something for example-bacteria we will see how fast it grows. Then put the equation in the computer to calculate how fast it is growing.

That is our project and what we hope to accomplish.

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