AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team number: Team 18

School Name: Bloomfield High School

Area of Science: Artificial Intelligence

Project Title: Revenge of the A.I.



The ambitions for our project for the year 2001-2002 is to design a program that learns from error and benefits from human error. By using proceess of elemination, the computer will be able to determine the variables for locating the human player. By learning from its mistakes, the computer will benefit in its objective for locating the human player. The computer will also learn from human error and decreese the probabliity of being caught by the human player.

The super computer will be vitial for establishing this program for the sole purpose of processing and sorting data at an applicable speed required to run the program. By running our program on a Super Computer it will be able to learn general human errors while anticipating moves and reacting to possibilities of human movement. With a super computer, this program will learn not only from it's own error, but from human, or player, error as well. This creates a system that defines A.I.

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