AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 027

School Name: Cuba High School

Area of Science: Forestry

Project Title: Design of a Water Purification Program



The Design of a Water Purification Program

At this time there are many water purification systems on the open market. They range from the type that attaches to your kitchen faucet to the kind the sit on top of a pitcher. They all have different ways in which they purify the water you drink. All of them are very complicated and work somewhat differently, producing various results. In order to complete this project we will calculate the separation of particles per milliliter for each purification system, then we will determine the rate of purification per minute value and the rate of water-flow for each system. In addition to our mathematical calculations we will also measure the contents of contaminated water versus the contents of the purified water. We will also determine all of the chemicals used to purify the water and why they are used. By using all of the information above we will design a C++ program in which we can model how well a certain system purifies polluted water, and we can effectively determine what water purification system is the most effective.

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