AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 031

School Name: Freedom High School

Area of Science: Biology

Project Title: Playing God



Can we play God? Is it possible to mimic the very seeds of life? Where are the control knobs that lets the Earth know what to do to keep up the systematic cycle that continually acts and reacts to itself?  Ever evolving and changing, yet sustaining itself to the highest level? What are the many variables which, acting in accordance with each other, keep the circle spinning? How did this cycle start, and where does it end?

The purpose of our project is a vain attempt to unlock the doors and find the puppeteer strings, which may or may not even exist.  We will model an existing, controlled environment with relating plant and animal life, then change a few characteristics of a particular species. Over a period of time, we will record the effects of our meddling, to see what changes took place. This will help us to better understand the everlasting process evolving around us, and give us a hands-on view of how Mother Nature works her magic.

Life, in its profound immensity, had to sprout from something. If we found a way to model these seeds, could we recreate life as we know it?  How do we, as human beings, find the roles we play in such a complicated universe?  The answer to all these questions lies at the heart of the human experience and, perhaps, in the games we create. We may never know any of the answers, but just the hope is worth the journey.

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