AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 032

School Name: Goddard High

Area of Science: Social Science

Project Title: Vehicular Traffic Congestion Modeling due to Highway Lane Addition or Reduction



Vehicular traffic flow can be greatly affected by the number of lanes on a highway. When a lane is closed on a busy highway, perhaps due to construction, accidents, or maintenance, traffic flow may slow to a crawl. Conversely, building additional lanes may eliminate congestion and result in smooth flowing traffic.

Modeling the flow of traffic before lanes are closed or added is important when one is planning road construction. Planners can predict negative effects on traffic due to construction projects before the project begins. They can also predict the benefits of adding lanes to a highway.

Some of the characteristics our model will consider are vehicle density, distance traveled, and average speed. With our model highway planners can predict vehicular traffic flow before construction begins.

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