AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 41

School Name: Las Cruces High School

Area of Science: Physics




Our project will challenge our team's knowledge of the common laws and principals of aerodynamics.The results from the problem of our project will produce an estimate on how the down force of a spoiler effects the cars speed while on a track. If the down force of the wing is to great compared to the car speed then the car cannot go as fast and will make the front end of the car lift off the ground because the back end will have too much down force. After studying the designs of recent Indy cars, we are wondering if by using the laws of aerodynamics there is a better and more efficient design for spoilers. Our project will produce evidence (and hopefully a C++ program) that shows the ratio of down force to the cars speed.

To the racing world being the safest while continuing to maintain speed is very important. The rear wing is one of the integral parts of the car's traction and drag. Finding the right balance between drag and down force can be difficult. We hope to find out how air moves across the wing and how it can affect the speed and down force.

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