AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 48

School Name: Manzano High School

Area of Science: Physics

Project Title: Trajectory of Motorcylce in Air



We will be finding the trajectory of a motorcylce in the air. This project means that we will be finding the path that a motorcycle takes when it is launched off a ramp. We feel the importance of this project is ensure that one of our team members, who rides a motorcycle and has a fear of jumping the motorcycle, that he will get enough speed according to the properties of the ramp to land safetly. He hopes that once he knows the path of a motorcycle in the air, he may have less of a fear to jump the motorcycle. We also feel that this project applies to rotation because certain rotations take place when a motorcycle is in the air. Rotation applies to many aspects of life. For example, when spacecrafts are trying to dock, rotation is very important. If one spacecraft turns when it shouldn't, it may ruin the whole process. We know that is project applies to Physics which will be our method to solve this problem. We hope to go about this process by using equations of projectile motion. Though these equations we will also include certain aspects such as drag, rotation, weight and speed into our project.

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