AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 049

School Name: Manzano High School

Area of Science: Physics

Project Title: The Harmonics of a guitar string



The problem that our group is attempting to solve is to help people who play the guitar to know when their guitar string is old. Our group is going to test the harmonics of old and new strings of two basic string materials (i.e. nylon, steel). Our project is important because it will hopefully show the life of a guitar string through testing via physics the quality of the harmonics. We hope to write a program that identifies and models the differences in harmonics between old and new guitar strings. We will need to buy the two types of guitar strings and find old ones made out of the same material. After we have tested their harmonics we will measure the diameter of the strings and use physics formulas to discover the movement of the different strings. We also need to track down the equipment that will enable us to identify the frequencies that our strings produce. Our group is hoping to get a mentor to help us with the programming aspect of our project.

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