AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 050

School Name: Manzano HS

Area of Science: Cryptography

Project Title: Bitslicing Algorithms



The currently used modern encryption algorithm is changing and now utilizes a new program called Rijndel, named after its founders. However, can this program be improved to increase its speed of encryption and decryption? A moderately well-known encryption technique, bitslicing is a method of increasing the speed of encrypting multiple pieces of data simultaneously. For our project, we will develop an entirely new efficient method of encryption and attempt to utilize the bitslice technique on it to improve speed. We may also atttempt a bitslice tehcnique on the currently used Rijndael (now known as AES or Advanced Encryption Standard) in order to improve its speed.

The implications of this are important, as it could lead to an alternative method of encrypting data and proof that a bitsilce method would work on the new AES encryption. The latter could save a tremendous amount of computer time if it works. We hope to be able to make an efficient encryption program and to bitslice it to prove the efficiency of the bitslice technique.

We will begin by researching C++ coding, in which few if any encryption programs have been written. We will then attempt to write an efficent encryption program by utilizing advanced C++ coding techniques. After debugging our encryption program and proving that it works and is not susceptible to hacking, we will attempt a bitslice speed improvement.

If the bitslice technique proves effective, we will then attempt to use bitslicing on the current AES encryption standard to improve its efficiency.

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