AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 051

School Name: Manzano High School

Area of Science: A.I. in Robots

Project Title: Rollerbots



Challenge Abstract 4 Team # 18 Manzano High School
October 19, 2001

Team Members:
"Big Moe" Muhammad Dais
Si "Oriental Express" Do
Joe "Sky Jet" Evans
Brandon "Slider" Bednarski

1.) The problem for this project would be to interpret the gathered information of a autonomous robots as an understandable language or graph and to test the feasibility of autonomous robots, controlled by a system of neuron functions, versus the feasibility of autonomous robots controlled by layers of programming code.

2.) We will see if it is more feasible to use a neuro-net to solve certain evolutionary challenges of artificial intelligence, such as walking, feeding, avoiding, and diverting or to use programming.

3.) We intend to program a robot with a few specific sensors, such as light, heat, and collision detection to compare the efficiency of a neural network versus the efficiency of programming in the carrying out of simple tasks.

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