AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 053

School Name: Mesa Alta Jounior High

Area of Science: Geology

Project Title: The Raise And Decline of the African Oryx



This Project Will Show The The African Oryx Population After It Was Placed in The White Sands of New Mexico.

This Makes Use Of""Abstract and Mathimatical Equation of The Population of "Imaginary" Kangaroo's in New Mexico

This Is Our Abstract on The African Oryx

The Siberian Dama, also more known as "Oryx" were introduced to White Sands Missle range in the 1950's at the time of the release, the New Mexico Department Of Game and Fish released 25 animals. They Never thought the population would sky rocket, we will use our program to show how that happened when they moved to our area.

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