AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 067

School Name: Picacho Middle School

Area of Science: Agricultural Science

Project Title: Health Effects of Harmful Herbicides



Our project is how the biological weapons from the Vietnam War are now used as pesticides and what the health effects are. Some of those chemicals include Agent Orange and Pheonoxy. We want to find out how long it will take the people that get the chemicals through food to get the same health effects as those who received it directly during the Vietnam War. We hope to use these results to find out how long it will take the health effects to set in. The information that we will give you a warning of which pesticides to avoid. The World Health Organization has proven that 80% of all cancers is caused by environmental influences. In 1950 25% of people could expect to have cancer during their life but today about 40% of us can expect cancer in our life. Men that are non-tobacco users have twice the risk of getting cancer as their grandfather before them did. We will help people live healthier lives. The men and women in the Vietnam War would wear a gas mask and would hide from horrible biological weapons. Hard to believe that we now spray those on the foods we eat everyday.

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Jean McCray

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