AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 068

School Name: Picach Middle School

Area of Science: enviromental

Project Title: Nitrogen Water Polution


Nitrogen Water Pollution

We are going to create a project that will show nitrogen contamination in dairies in the southwestern part of New Mexico. This project will attempt to show nitrogen contamination in groundwater in Southern New Mexico and Mesquite. We will use a mathmatical equation to figure out how quickly nitrogen will leak into the groundwater supply.

To show this equation we will use three main variables, which are nitrogen levels, water table, and soil density. By doing this we will try to show how quickly nitrogen leaks into the groundwater.

This will show how much nitrogen can move into the groundwater supply at a certain rate. This will be able to better water purity by allowing water companies to be one step ahead of nitrogen water pollution. Therefore this will prove a superiority to other countries. The reason we are doing this project is to help our neighbor El Paso with its major water shortages.

That is how we plan to better water quality in the Southern part of the U.S.

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