AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 69

School Name: Piedra Vista High School

Area of Science: Computational Science and Robotics

Project Title: Autonomous Navigation Simulation



Our goal is to create a virtual drone capable of autonomous mobile navigation within the interior of common residential and business environments. We will deploy the virtual drone within a randomly generated interior space containing objects that prevent the drone from reaching its destination in a direct path. The drone must navigate these unknown interior spaces to successfully find its destination, perform a predefined task, and then exit the building using a direct route that was mapped during the investigation phase of its mission. We will model the use pf a variety of sensing strategies that will allow the drone to interact with unknown mission conditions and identification of its destination or target.

The use of electro mechanical devices to accomplish tasks in dangerous or hostile environments is important because it prevents putting people at risk. We can envision this type of drone playing an important role in military reconnaissance and targeting, hazardous materials testing, and disposal of dangerous substances.

We propose to simulate the drones systems and its mission using java objects.

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