AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 072

School Name: Santa Fe High

Area of Science: Computer Science

Project Title: Epidemic Model



The problem that I am trying to solve is how fast a disease can spread through human population and explore the impacts of various factors. It is important because this model can be used to experiment with various factors to see the impact on the population. It could also be used to represent the spread of highly contagious disease in small areas like college dorms, a small community, village or military barracks. It also may aid by showing how quickly a dangerous virus could spread in a population with no immunity. This may also become more complicated by taking various factors into consideration. Mathematical formulas will be used for calculating percentages, infection rate, death rate, survival rate, recovery rate, sick rate, contact rate, susceptibles, immunes etc. over the period of time. Computers will help by storing an extensive amount of data in an organized way. It is necessary fast and exact calculations of big numbers. It helps finding a mistake in huge programs. It is also useful for visual representations.

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