AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 079

School Name: Santa Fe High

Area of Science: Put Area of Science Here

Project Title: Effects of Aeolian and Fluvial Forces on Paricle Motion and Deposition



Our objective is to determine how the forces associated with the movement of air and water affect formations of patterns in sand. This is important because the ability to predict the migration of sand dunes and sand bars would be beneficial to surrounding environments, especially near inhabited areas. There are many mathematical approaches involving the movement of granular particles. The variables in this case will be limited to particle size, dune angle to the horizontal, particle density, gravitational pull, and directional shape of fluvial forces. Algebra, trigonometry, and perhaps calculus will be used. We will use a computer to develop mathematical relationships between these variables and eventually be able to determine the growth, fluctuation, movements, etc. of patterns in sand under the distinct conditions that may occur.

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