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Team Number: 89

School Name: Silver High School

Area of Science: Astronomy

Project Title: PlanetPlanner






Executive Summary

Patrick Post

October 12th, 2001.

The purpose of this project is to calculate the distance, time needed, and specifics for space travel to other planets. I call my project Planet Planner, because it acts as a trip planner on the internet, only on a solar level. It does this by calculating the starting point (x) to the destination point (y) to calculate the distance (z). The program can also calculate the time needed by using the current top speed for a space shuttle times the distance. A variable for average speed will be provided for the user, so that if technology improves, the program can keep up. This program can be used as learning software for younger children, in both math and science, because both are required to execute the program, and possible in the

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