AiS Challenge Abstract

Team Number: 82

School Name: Silver High School

Area of Science: Sociology

Project Title: Evolutionary Development of Human Society



The details of the rise and fall of human societies is much teorized on, but not well understood. This knowledge is vital to organizing our future, understanding our past and dealing with the present.
To enhance the understanding of the methods intrinsic to human socioeconomic evolution and cultural interaction, a computer model will be created. This computational model will create two or more societies, modeled on the individual level and taking into account environmental factors. These societies (and the individuals within them) will be represented as variable length 'genomes'. Through methods of genetic algorithms these genomes will be compared with other societies on such basises as shall be deemed significant.
The described modeling will require large computational resources to effect the simulation of societal evolution. The greater the resources, the more accurate and detailed the model will be. The model will be as accurate and detailed the model will be. this model will be as accurate and unbiased towards any exsisting society as in computationally feasible.

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