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2001-2002 AiS Challenge Final Reports

The submission deadline for your report was on April 3rd. Thank you to all who submitted their reports on time!
     If you've submitted a final report, make sure you register to attend the Awards Expo in Los Alamos.

Teams submitting HTML versions of their final reports:


Reports Submitted:

School Name       Team #    Title (PDF File)

Alamogordo        01        Heuristic Encoding Algorithm for Effective Audio Resynthesis
Alamogordo        04        Rebuilding a Broken Nation
Albuquerque Acad  06        Shattered Glass: An analysis of a brittle collision using Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics
Albuquerque Acad  08        Artificial Intelligence through Genetic Algorithms in Chess
Albuquerque Acad  09        Modeling Solar Systems
Animas            10        War-Tic
Bloomfield        17        Black Holes and Other Oddities
Bloomfield        18        Revenge of The A.I.
Bosque School     19        Modeling the Spread of the West Nile Virus
Bosque School     20        Advanced Parsing Algorithm for Optimized Indexing of Site Data found through TCP/IP Sockets
Clovis            23        Fruit Frenzy
Las Cruces        34        Making Basketball More Fun
Las Cruces        35        Rocket Flight Prediction
Las Cruces        36        Robotic Arms Using Radio Waves
Las Cruces        37        Mobile Asteroid
Las Cruces        38        Effects of Laser Pointers on the Eye
Las Cruces        39        Future of New Mexico Human Sciences
Las Cruces        41        Beat Your Wing Force Down
Las Cruces        42        Roller Coast Physics
Lovington         44        Military Combat Simulation: A Study of Artificial Intelligence
Lovington         45        The Winning Hand
Lovington         46        Cancer Clusters in Lea County
Magdalena         47        Twin Primes
Manzano           49        Physics of a Guitar String
Manzano           50        Tales from the Encrypt
Mesa Alta         53        Population Solver
Moriarty          54        The Detection of Black Holes
Moriarty          56        Road Rage at a Red Light
Moriarty          58        A Payload into Orbit
Moriarty          59        Is It Really Your Car...Or Just the Corner?
Picacho MS        68        Nitrogen Contamination in Ground Water
Sandia Prep       71        Alternative Slicing in Human Chromosome 22
Santa Fe          73        Acoustical Analysis of Longitudinal Waveforms In Relation To Suitability of Non-Designated Areas for Musical Quality Sound Containment
Santa Fe          75        Forensic Osteology
Santa Fe          76        Modeling Lattice Gases Using Cellular Automaton
Santa Fe          78        A Computational to Sonar Point Determination
Santa Fe          79        A Study of Fluvial Processes in Desert Morphology
Santa Fe          80        The Mechanics of a Volcanic Conduit from Inception to Eruption
Santa Fe          81        Mathematical Applications in the Determination of Orbits of Satellites
Silver            88        The Plausible Spread of the Smallpox Virus As Related to Biological Warfare
Silver            90        Computer Modeling of Cultural Interaction and Evolution
Silver            91        The Human Knee: Is It Really That Strong?
Silver            92        An Ancient Calculator: The Quipu
Silver            93        The Physics of Electrofishing
Silver            94        The Hidden World of Dreams
Silver            95        The Perfect Engine
Silver            96        What is our Future Energy Source?
To'hajiilee      103        World Trade Center Collapsed

Judges' comments on the written reports made prior to the judges' conference call.

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