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Glorieta Kickoff: Session 1, Schedule 1.1

Teams listed here will attend the kickoff conference on October 21st and 22nd, and follow Schedule 1.1.

Schools: Alamogordo, Animas, Bloomfield, Lovington, Mesa Alta, Piedra Vista, Shiprock, Taos, Tohajiilee

Total Students: 51


Team#	Login Name	Real Name		School

4       ch004bjm        BRETT J MASSAR          Alamogordo High
        ch004dje        DEREK J EICHIN          Alamogordo High
        ch004dlh        DANIEL L HANSEN         Alamogordo High
        ch004jah        JASON A HIRSCH          Alamogordo High
        ch004smg        SHAUN M GIBSON          Alamogordo High

10	ch010jmh	JOSEPH M HERNANDEZ	Animas High
	ch010mjc	MARK J CAVALIERE	Animas High
	ch010rlw	KENT RICHARDSON		Animas High

11	ch011fwo	FRANK W ORPHEY		Animas High
	ch011rdr	RYAN D RICHINS		Animas High

16	ch016axh	AARON HENRY		Bloomfield High
	ch016cem	CRISTIN E MCDONALD	Bloomfield High
	ch016clm	CANDICE L MCKINNEY	Bloomfield High
	ch016cxc	COY COULSON		Bloomfield High

17	ch017arw	ANGELA R WILLIAMS	Bloomfield High
	ch017axm	ANTHONY MISZKWITZ	Bloomfield High
	ch017ede	ELIZABETH D ENGLAND	Bloomfield High
	ch017vxg	VICTORIA GAETAN		Bloomfield High

18	ch018cas	CRAIG A STAHLE		Bloomfield High
	ch018dsb	DANIEL S BACHERT	Bloomfield High
	ch018jdj	JACOB D JUSTICE		Bloomfield High
	ch018jmp	JOSHUA M PALOCHAK	Bloomfield High
	ch018tjb	TYLER J BURGETT		Bloomfield High

44      ch044bxb        BYRON BUXKEMPER         Lovington High
        ch044cxg        CLAYBURN GRIFFIN        Lovington High
        ch044pxp        PATRICK PHILLIPS        Lovington High
        ch044sxb        STEVEN BLANDIN          Lovington High

46      ch046exm        ELLEN MYERS             Lovington High
        ch046jxj        JILL JENKINS            Lovington High
        ch046kxg        KYLA GLEASON            Lovington High

53	ch053alp	ASHLEY L PINE		Mesa Alta Junior High
	ch053jwn	JOSH W NEIDIGH		Mesa Alta Junior High
	ch053lcv	LEVI C VALDEZ		Mesa Alta Junior High
	ch053mxh	MATTHEW HIGGINS		Mesa Alta Junior High

69      ch069ant        AUGUST N TEOFANOV       Piedra Vista
        ch069bww        BRANDON W WHIPPLE       Piedra Vista
        ch069jrt        JUSTIN R TSOSIE         Piedra Vista

70      ch070anc        ASHLEY N CLARK          Piedra Vista
        ch070dew        DEREK E WHIPPLE         Piedra Vista

86      ch086ajm        ALAMBERT J MARSHALL     Shiprock High
        ch086cbb        CHANCE B BEGAYE         Shiprock High
        ch086rxy        RAFERT YELLOWHORSE      Shiprock High
        ch086csl        CHASITY S LIGHT         Shiprock High

87      ch087sln        SHAWNA L NEZ            Shiprock High
        ch087stt        SHARON T TSOSIE         Shiprock High

101     ch101ptr        PAUL T RASKIN           Taos High        
        ch101gta        GABRIEL T AUSTIN        Taos High

103	ch103aer	ALICIA E ROBERTSON	Tohajiilee School
	ch103jlp	JERRAD L PLATERO	Tohajiilee School
	ch103sxa	SEATON ANDRE		Tohajiilee School
	ch103zxc	ZAUNIE CHAPO		Tohajiilee School
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