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Glorieta Kickoff: Session 1, Schedule 1.2

Teams listed here will attend the kickoff conference on October 21st and 22nd, and follow Schedule 1.2.

Schools: Alamogordo, Bosque, Clovis, Farmington, Goddard, Lovington, Magdelena, Shiprock, Silver, Tularosa

Total Students: 63

Students with a * are Track III students: 20 total


Team#	Login Name      Real Name               School

1	ch001jgp	JEREMY G PEPPER		Alamogordo High *

2	ch002wxs	WEI SONG		Alamogordo High

3	ch003dcb	DANIEL C BUCHER		Alamogordo High
	ch003blh	BRANDEN HARPER		Alamogordo High
	ch003tlb	TOMMIE BASDEN		Alamogordo High

5	ch005cgb	CHRIS G BERGER		Alamogordo High *
	ch005mph	MATHEW P HOPPE		Alamogordo High *
	ch005slh	STEVEN L HAMILTON	Alamogordo High *
	ch005djc	DEREK CONROD		Alamogordo High *

19      ch019akc        ADRIENNE K COX          Bosque School
        ch019gkp        GERALDINE K PRASUHN     Bosque School
        ch019jeb        JESSICA E BEHLES        Bosque School
        ch019kes        KENNY E SUTHERLAND      Bosque School
        ch019sra        SAMUEL R ASHMORE        Bosque School *

20      ch020nlp        NATHAN L PERKINS        Bosque School
        ch020rjm        RYAN J MERRICK          Bosque School

21	ch021djr	DONALD J RIGGINS	Clovis High
	ch021dkr	DONALD K RICHTER	Clovis High
	ch021nms	NATHAN M SACKREITER	Clovis High

22	ch022cam	CASEY A MERRILL		Clovis High *
	ch022clm	CASSANDRA L MCCLURE	Clovis High *

23	ch023dlw	DAVID L WILSON		Clovis High
	ch023map	MELISSA A PULZ		Clovis High
	ch023mjw	MELITA J WIERSUM	Clovis High
	ch023mxh	MARIBY HERRERA		Clovis High

24	ch024bcr	BRANDON C RUPE		Clovis High
	ch024wap	WESTON A PEASNALL	Clovis High

30	ch030acg	ALEX C GIBBS		Farmington High
	ch030cjh	COLLIN J HORVAT		Farmington High *
	ch030jbc	JASON B CALCOTE		Farmington High *
	ch030mlt	MARY L THOMPSON		Farmington High
	ch030ssf	SAMUEL S FAIRBANKS	Farmington High *

32	ch032ddg	DUSTIN D GONZALES	Goddard High
	ch032jac	JOHN A CHENEY		Goddard High *
	ch032jeh	JOHN E HANCOCK		Goddard High

45	ch045cxb	CHASE BRIDGEFORTH	Lovington High
	ch045jxl	JOEL LOWRY		Lovington High
	ch045rxb	RANDY BROWN		Lovington High
	ch045sxt	STEVE TOBKIN		Lovington High *
	ch045txn	TIM NEWELL		Lovington High

47	ch047cdh	CV D HARRIS		Magdalena High *
	ch047cxc	CLEO CANDELARIA		Magdalena High
	ch047dng	DENISE N GRAYSON	Magdalena High *
	ch047rmm	RIO M MEYERS		Magdalena High
	ch047rvw	RICHELLE V WINSTON	Magdalena High

83	ch083jlb	JAMES L BLACKSMITH	Shiprock High

85	ch085brd	BRIAN R DOWNEY		Shiprock High
	ch085cjj	CHRISTOPHER J JIM	Shiprock High *
	ch085ljl	LARRY J LYONS		Shiprock High *
	ch085srm	SASHA R MIKE		Shiprock High
	ch085tan	TAMMIE A NELSON		Shiprock High

89	ch089amk	ANNA M KETTENHOFEN	Silver High
	ch089psp	PATRICK S POST		Silver High *

90	ch090rxh	ROELAND HANCOCK		Silver High *

95	ch095drs	DANIEL R SHELLEY	Silver High *
	ch095jah	JAMES A HILL		Silver High *

104	ch104jxm	JOHN MCFARLAND		Tularosa High
	ch104jxv	JOSPH VALENZUELA	Tularosa High
	ch104jxw	JOSH WINN-PEREZ		Tularosa High

105	ch105jwm	JOHN W MCFARLAND	Tularosa High
	ch105jxk	JOHN KELLY		Tularosa High
	ch105nxv	NOAH VEGA		Tularosa High
	ch105rjb	ROBERT J BACA		Tularosa High *
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