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Glorieta Kickoff: Session 2, Schedule 2.1

Teams listed here will attend the kickoff conference on October 22nd and 23rd, and follow Schedule 2.1.

Schools: Bernalillo, Manzano, Melrose, Santa Fe

Total Students: 45


Team#	Login Name	Real Name		School

12	ch012cjg	CAMILLA J GARNAND	Bernalillo High
	ch012cst	CHRIS S TORREZ		Bernalillo High
	ch012jxm	JAMES MELCHOR		Bernalillo High
	ch012ldl	LEON D LOPEZ		Bernalillo High
	ch012mab	MATT A BEARCE		Bernalillo High

13	ch013edv	ERICA D VALDEZ		Bernalillo High
	ch013jjd	JADE J DECORA		Bernalillo High
	ch013jls	JENNIFER L SANCHEZ	Bernalillo High
	ch013lme	LUPITA M ELIAS		Bernalillo High

14	ch014adw	ALISON D WHITE		Bernalillo High
	ch014ajm	ABE J MONTANO		Bernalillo High
	ch014dxq	DANELLE QUINTANA	Bernalillo High
	ch014frt	FELIX R TENORIO		Bernalillo High
	ch014ouy	ORLANDO UAZZIE		Bernalillo High

15	ch015ajs	A.J. J SANCHEZ		Bernalillo High
	ch015kdc	KENNETH D CHAVEZ	Bernalillo High
	ch015ljc	LORENZO J CRESPIN	Bernalillo High
	ch015mjt	MARIO J TORRES		Bernalillo High

48	ch048amd	ADAM M DAVIE		Manzano High
	ch048khf	KYLE H FUERSCHBACH	Manzano High

49	ch049cms	CHRISTOPHER SENUTOVITCH	Manzano High
	ch049knr	KATIE N RARICK		Manzano High
	ch049pwc	PRESTON W CHICK		Manzano High
	ch049ssd	SUSAN S DUFFEY		Manzano High

50	ch050bar	BRIAN A ROSEN		Manzano High
	ch050rtc	ROBERT T CORDWELL	Manzano High

51	ch051jte	JOE T EVANS		Manzano High
	ch051mid	MUHAMMAD I DAIS		Manzano High
	ch051snn	SI N NGOC		Manzano High

52      ch052afb        AARON F BOUGHAN         Melrose High
	ch052tkf        TIMOTHY K FRAZIER       Melrose High    
        ch052jgn        JOE G NASH              Melrose High
        ch052ktr        KYLE T ROBISON          Melrose High
        ch052wdm        WILLIAM D MCGINNIS      Melrose High

78	ch078axp	ALESSANDRA PELUSO	Santa Fe High
	ch078mcs	MATTHEW C SMITH		Santa Fe High
	ch078vdd	VANESSA D DILORETO	Santa Fe High

79	ch079lrs	LAURA R STUPIN		Santa Fe High
	ch079ram	ROBERT A MANSFIELD	Santa Fe High
	ch079ted	TERESA E DAVIS		Santa Fe High

81	ch081dfr	DANIEL F RONQUILLO	Santa Fe High
	ch081jmg	JOSHUA M GALLEGOS	Santa Fe High
	ch081rtc	RICHARD T CDEBACA	Santa Fe High
	ch081smd	SAHIL M DHAWAN		Santa Fe High

82	ch082pcc	PETER C CHEN		Santa Fe High
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