AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 010

School Name: Albuquerque Academy

Area of Science: Cryptography

Project Title: Encryption through three-dimensional separation and recombination of data



 As the business and industrial world has become increasingly dependent on the internet for communication and transferring data, a security bottleneck has formed, not only placing large quantities of sensitive information online, but also placing anyone with internet access in a position to acquire it. This has created a pressing need to develop encryption techniques to prevent cyber-piracy and industrial espionage. In view of this need we are seeking to develop an entirely new form encryption able to bypass common decryption techniques.

 To go about this, we plan to develop a method of three-dimensional encryption that will allow us to randomly separate the data into different sections that are then shuffled and recombined into a single form that contains no significant section of the original copy. The key for decryption will be stored in the piece of data itself and will be unreadable without our specific method of encryption. We will also check codes that are commonly used to crack encrypted data to make sure that our form is unreadable.

 We hope to develop an innovative method of solving an old problem, a solution that might prove to be better in one aspect or another.

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