AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 011

School Name: Albuquerque Academy

Area of Science: Urban Problems and Statistics

Project Title: City Traffic and Public Transportation Improvement Program



Problem: Many cities have major traffic problems with very bad public transportation.

We would like to help correct some of these problems and make a program that city developers could use to improve the existing system. We will create an interface that customers can use to transfer their city onto the computer. Users can input population densities (where people live and where people work) and where the existing roads and public transportation routes are. They can also input the locations of troubling areas of traffic. The program will give a report back to the user and tell them how to make the public transportation routes better. Also, it will tell how to better program traffic lights and tell which traffic light program to use during different times of day. If the user would like to build another road, they can input where roads and public transportation systems canít be built. Then the program will give a report on where to place the new roads or which form of public transportation to use and where to place it.

If the user would like to consider cost and time of construction projects and public transportation systems and traveling time from place to place (fastest approach for one person is not always the best for the community at whole, though), the user will be able to input the limits of the budget, the limits of time of construction, and the limits they want to make on travel time.

The program that we plan to develop will consist of a certain number of phases. With each phase, the program will get more complicated and will have more features. This phased approach will make it easier to build the program because no part will be left undone. More importantly, some parts of the program depend on other parts of the program to work, so if one part doesnít work, then we can think of an alternate solution and not have wasted our time on making something depend on something that doesnít work.

We plan to develop this program using Visual Basic.

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