AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 13

School Name: Albuquerque Academy

Area of Science: Environmental

Project Title: Point of Impact



All environments require certain conditions to function properly. What would happen if a catastrophic event like an asteroid impact were to rapidly change these conditions? Our team aims to simulate at least one of these effects on the environment after an astroid impact. To start we will create a model of the current environment, specify an asteroid of given mass and speed, assign it a point of impact and examine what effect the impact has on the temperature of the global environment. This holds multiple implications, as we would be able to simulate the repercussions for many years after the impact. The impact would be converted into energy released, which also applies to the detonation of nuclear weapons, and we would thus be able to simulate the temperature changes in the environment for years after an explosion. The problems we would face would include where the energy goes, and how the other factors in the exising environment would contribute to the global temperature.

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