AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 17

School Name: Amy Biehl Charter High School

Area of Science: Biology/Automotive Engineering

Project Title: The Effects of Solar Energy Cars on Lung Disease in America



Our Purpose: To reduce or eliminate lung diseases caused by fumes emmitted into the atmosphere by internal combustion vehicles.

Our Question: If a consumer car can run on only solar power, what effects would it have on different types of lung diseases in America during a ten year period of time?

Our Process:

1. Research solar energy, statistics for automobile related disease, the causes of lung disease, and how to prevent it.

2. Create a math model to describe the projected outcome of our question.

3. Write an interim report and turn it in.

4. Write a program that would simulate the effects using varibles determined during research.

5. Change the variables around to find the most satisfactory answer.

6. Compile our research and create an answer based on what happened in the simulation.

7. Create a poster, report, and demonstration for final judgement.

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