AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 030

School Name: Clovis High School

Area of Science: Music Theory

Project Title: Music exploration



AiS Abtract
	Given the inherently mathematical nature of music we want to 
attempt to restate its common laws and determine if and if so how the 
precepts have changed through time.  Music has been defined by many 
through the analysis of the works of famous composers.  The rules of 
harmony and melody were codified based on the works of Johann Sebastian 
Bach and remain the basis for studies of theory.  Our goal is to define 
music within mathematical priniples.  Once the governing parameters are 
built into a computer program we want to expand it to develop harmonic 
lines from an input melodic line. If we are successful to this point a 
further step world be to create a "Question and Answer" (Dueling banjos) 
melody based on an input theme or motif.

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