AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 038

School Name: Los Alamos High School

Area of Science: Computer Science and Mathematics

Project Title: A Novel New Idea for the Monte Carlo Simulation



The current, widely used form of accurate multiple particle scattering simulation is the Monte Carlo technique. This method of simulating the data is extremely time consuming, as each interaction of a particle with the environment is evaluated and then passed on to the next environmental condition. Since this method is extremely computationally intensive our group has opted for a more practical, simpler method. Ants. Yes, those nuisances that ‘steal you picnic lunch’ can have a random generator as their brain. However, this generator will not be totally random; instead, it will be weighted by factors such as your apple, sliced open, pheromones produced by other ants, divine intervention on our part, or “will it end this random generator‘s functionality?” (will the ant die?). The attractor shall be used mainly to test the ant‘s responsiveness, in the presence of interfering factors. A pheromone trail would be laid down by a fellow ant and another by us allowing us to see if we can interfere with the ants response. The trail‘s strength could vary until the ants stop following it. We will then examine the results as ants are inhibited by other ants. This research could lead to a better understanding of collective behavior and other emergent complex behaviors that are derived from simple rules.

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