AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 041

School Name: Lovington High School

Area of Science: Biology/Artificial Intelligence

Project Title: Deer Evolution through Natural Selection



The purpose of our project is to simulate the natural selection process by using a population of deer. The deer will be programmed to have certain attributes to resemble the current population of the deer species. Such attributes will be speed, life span, and antler size. The environment will also have characteristics. The characteristics of the environment will have a large effect on natural deaths and survival of the deer, such as amount of food, water, and shelter. The artificial deer population will be programmed to live a lifestyle pertaining to that of real-life deer. The deer population will change and develop through natural selection. Deer will be able to reproduce and their offsping will have similar characteristics. Some deer will die off by hunting and others by natural causes. The new generation should, in theory, be stronger and more advanced then the previous one. Although, the deer are strong and better than before, deaths will still occur through natural causes such as old age. We hypothesize that the deer population will be able to survive hunters easier as time progresses. Since the deer will be programmed with artificial intelligence, our project will focus on the evolvement of that intelligence in general, rather than of the deer population itself.

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