AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 046

School Name: Manzano High School

Area of Science: Compression

Project Title: Compresso 2002



Today we live in a complex world that connects us together with our fellow humans. We are now living in a world that allows us to share
and transfer files to each other. Our world network, the internet, is becoming a high speed information transfer system. But till then, most users
still and will have slow internet for the known years to come.

   For that sole reason my partner and I are developig a program to help people who don't have access to high speed internet
or are in locations that just dont have the capability to distribute broadband internet to the majority of the people in that area.
We see the need to develop a program that compresses files so the average internet user can download them quickly and
efficiently. That way elemintating the process of long waits to recieve important files. We are going to develop our program in
the area of audio compression, also adding functions that would allow the user to change the type of media. So far we have
only finished a miniture math model and some small features of the program. Hopefully we will advance in the field of compression technology.

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