AiS Challenge Team 052 Abstract


Team Number: 052

School Name: Mesa Alta Junior High School

Area of Science: Physical Science

Project Title: BulletProofing



Our Problem:
We want to figure out how effect of different types of munitions hitting bulletproofed object and vests, which are Nylon and Kevlar.
The solutions:
We will uses a computer program, both built in C++ and Java (We are using Java for the interface and C++ for the mathematical programming). Our program will use different sets of mathematical equations to perform our task, and to show a floating point operation and to show a picture and the way that it performs the bullet hitting armor and other objects.
The Mathematical Equations:
We have some mathematical equations that will make our program do what it is suppost to do. We are currently not posting our equations, yet (We are still building and recieving them).

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